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The Prizes

You could be winning one of these prizes!

First Prize

$5000 trip to Seoul

Win 1 of 3 $5000 trips to South Korea for two. Prize includes flights, 5 nights of accommodation and airport transfer.

Second Prize

$50 e-gift card

There are 600 e-gift cards worth $50 each up for grabs! Treat yourself or someone special!

How to Enter

Follow these four simple steps to enter the competition.

  1. Buy a pack

    Pop into your local participating supermarket to pick up a specially marked 5 pack of Shin Ramyun.

  2. Scratch card

    Open the pack, and while your noodles are cooking, scratch the card inside to reveal your unique code!

  3. Enter code

    Visit this website and enter your unique code!

  4. Fill in form

    You will prompted to fill in a form with your details to be put in the draw for the chance to win a prize!


Ramyun is An Adventure Ramyun is An Adventure

The wonderful thing about Shin Ramyun is that it can be anything you want it be – everyone has a different experience. Find out the possibilities of ramyun in Seoul, South Korea and what it can mean for you here.

Over three days, our exchange students Johnny, Anna, Yan, Kim and Sara explored Seoul to learn about Korean ramyun culture and gained a better understanding of Shin Ramyun outside the preconceptions of a Western context. They participated in various activities and formed their own opinions of what ramyun is to them.

During this Shin Ramyun Exchange, our students learnt about Shin Ramyun in context. They explored the bustling and colourful Gwangjang market that is full of delicious flavours, spices and Shin Ramyun. Getting lost along the way, they selected ingredients for a cooking class to learn how to make Shin Ramyun start to finish in various ways.

The students also ate a lot of ramyun, obviously! Visiting different types of restaurants that serve Shin Ramyun, they got a better understanding of how they can make Shin Ramyun their own through the way it is cooked and what is added to it. They also learnt about how ramyun is more than just an snack. By visiting the Han River, they were shown that ramyun is diverse and great anywhere!

Watch the video below to see what ramyun is to each student and what it can mean to you!

Follow our exchange students, Johnny, Anna, Yan, Kim and Sara on this noodly trip of a lifetime in Seoul, South Korea and learn about what ramyun is!

Ramyun Is Sharing Ramyun Is Sharing

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Ramyun Is SHIN Ramyun Is SHIN

Discover the amazing and delicious Nongshim noodle products you can try today! Ramyun is Shin, and can be whatever you want it to be!


Shin Pack

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Find a prize pack!

You can find a Shin To Win promotion pack in Asian Supermarkets, Woolworths, Coles, IGA and Ezymart. Please be mindful that some stores may not stock this particular promotion item, so contact the store manager to confirm.


The Winners!

The Winners of Shin to Win 2019 will be announced soon – Keep an eye out here to see the lucky first prize winners!